Allison Meriwether’s multi-media works and paintings examine the concept of identity as an assemblage of influences. Her works explore deeper self expressions of identity and focus on capturing the tension of social constraints and identity, challenging conventions in popular culture from a woman’s perspective. Through portraiture, Allison investigates socially constructed ideals and explores the effects of those ideals on the identity and psychology of women. She emphasizes perception as reality, altering experiences that define the way we identify self and others by creating portraits and parts of the face that often include an obtrusive use of collage and a domestic use of thread, amongst various painted elements.
Allison’s current body of work is a series of mixed media works and paintings exploring the ideals of women in contemporary society and the impact of the fundamental building blocks of our society amidst the revitalized era of the Women's’ Movement.

Allison attended graduate school at New York University and Long Island University to obtain a master’s degree in fine arts. She now creates full-time in her Boston studio. Her work has been shown in several galleries in New York, Florida, Oregon, Alabama, and Washington, DC. She have exhibited internationally in galleries in Seoul, Korea. Select pieces of her work are on permanent display at the Osceola Center for the Arts in Kissimmee, Florida and at the RCA Gallery in Washington, DC. She is a member of the Cambridge Art Association.